Part 1: Vacuums Haven't Changed in 100 Years

 A Brief History of Vacuum Cleaners

Source: TechnoFAQ

The first "vacuum cleaner" or mechanized carpet sweeper ever was invented in 1868 by Ives W. McGaffey. Throughout the generations, inventors have made vast improvements to increase cleaning efficiency, portability, and accessibility. It wasn't until 1901 the first powered vacuum cleaner was introduced.

Vacuum technology has not changed since the 1900s


A vacuum has had the same basic design: a fan, a brush, a filter, and a bag. All the vacuums we see on the market are variations of those basic building blocks. You can swap out a more powerful fan or get a better filter, but the basic principles are the same.

Innovation is about re-imagining the Future of Cleaning, not stronger suction power.


At Coral, we took a step back and asked: how do people ACTUALLY clean? Instead of starting with the basic building blocks of vacuuming technology, we wanted to imagine what the future of cleaning would look like. And we found our answer.

As we build out the Coral Ecosystem, we're dedicated to investing in new technologies to bring vacuuming & cleaning technology into the 21st century.

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