Health and Wellness

Elevating quality of life for everyone.

Customized for you.

People should be empowered to live their daily lives to the fullest. Maintaining a balanced state of health and wellness is important to us at Coral. That's why all our robots are packed with tons of features to be customized for the way you actually live at home.

Breathe Easy.

Air quality and floor quality is important in any home. The air you breathe reflects on your daily health, while floor cleanliness contributes to the quality of your air. That's why we went through the painstaking process to create BioSafe HEPA filters that block allergens, and fine dust from ever entering your lungs.

Tangle and hassle free. Every time.

You should have all the time available to you to do the things you care about. All of our products, including our Mobile App experience, is designed to alleviate time from you. Schedule your robots to do the work for you without worrying about stuck cables, or tangled hairs.



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