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We Believe in Transparent Pricing

We know. Here's a quick guide to making the best decision for you.


Don't expect all of the bells and whistles. Based on our experience, most robot vacuums make significant compromises in the budget category. You can typically expect to see random "bump-n-run" navigation and lower suction power.

We recommend: Find one feature that you prefer (suction, battery, etc.) knowing that you might compromise for some other features.


This is where you'll see the most variation among robot vacuums. That's because there are so many features to unpack: Wi-Fi connectivity, cameras vs. lasers, etc. Be careful though! We've noticed that some companies just take the budget vacuums and add a few new features.

We recommend: Make sure it has some form of smarter navigation, can be easily maintained, and brings you the most cleaning value.

Super High-End

You should expect to get all the bells and whistles! One of our key design principles is to make great design accessible to as many people as possible. Based on our research, we learned that $1,000+ budget was a bit out of the comfort zone for most customers - especially for a vacuum cleaner.

We recommend: If you've got the budget, go for it!

The Coral One Ultra.
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The Coral One Lite.
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