Our Story

Who We Are


Coral is a human-centric robotics company, designing robots to enhance the everyday lives of people. We believe that purpose-driven robots empower everyone to achieve more.

Robots have always been a part of our greatest aspirations, but they constantly disappoint us. We marvel at their potential, yet we feel hoodwinked when these machines fail at simple tasks. We saw this paradox and thought what can we do differently?

Using our backgrounds in engineering and design, we apply a thoughtful and people-first approach to making robots. Humans and robots should work together. They shouldn't be opposing forces.

When we looked for a place to call Coral home, it was important to us that it be filled with creativity, energy, and next to the ocean. We wanted to be somewhere that fosters talent and sparks innovation. We wanted to be in a place where we can be reminded of the values of our brand. More importantly, we wanted to build a community of people who use design and robotics to elevate us all. That’s why Los Angeles is our home.

We think robotics is an innovative and exciting space. We see a future with an ecosystem of robots that work together to help people in their daily lives. It’s important for us to use thoughtful design to help get us to that future now.

-The Team at Coral

 The Founding Team

Ted Ko, Co-Founder & CEO
The fearless leader of Coral, Ted is an expert in product design, electrical engineering, software design, manufacturing, user experience design, and supply chain logistics. Ted was one of the youngest hires at IDEO, the world’s premier product design firm. Ted graduated from Harvard University and received Cum Laude in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. You can find Ted playing Pokémon Go and guitar on his downtime, if any.

George Ko, Co-Founder & CCO
The other founding member of Coral (and older brother of Ted’s), George has built brands all over the world and consulted as a designer and business developer for Harvard, MIT, Steinway & Sons, Google, and more. He’s also a concert pianist and toured the world as a Steinway Artist. George is also a co-founder of Giant Robot Media, a premiere LA pop-culture magazine. He also graduated from Harvard University in Music with Honors and received the Harvard Gov 2.0 Entrepreneur Award from the Harvard Kennedy School.