Part 2: Why our Cleaning Habits Haven't Caught Up with Technology

It's a known fact. Technology is evolving rapidly. Just imagine, the iPhone didn't exist 15 years ago. We were still clicking a keypad button three times, just to type the number "c".

But if technology is changing so quickly, how come our cleaning habits can't keep up with it?

Old school solutions are driven by habits

People get lazy, people get tired, or people just hate cleaning. We're guilty of it, too. That's why old school solutions still sort of work. Some old school solutions include DIY, hiring a cleaning service, or putting it off until you can't handle it anymore.

It's hard to think of new solutions because cleaning happens in "parallel paths".

When we sat down with customers, we focused on learning how they actually clean. We drew a pretty key insight: cleaning was difficult because it happens in multiple parallel paths. You might need to clean your floors everyday, your couch a few times a week, and your mattress a few times a ends up becoming a convoluted mess of time management.

Human-Centered Robots are the solution to do both

There's a cheaper, easier, less obtrusive way to get the cleaning done. It has all the benefits of and "old school solution" but also adds another layer of "new school" features. With Coral technology, we are eliminating the horrible mess of managing time & cleaning schedules. That's because you're able to connect, monitor, and interact with your robot in a holistic - physical and intellectual - way.

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