Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Robots made with teams around the globe. 

Los Angeles is our home.

Building a team is everything at Coral. We work with some of the most hard working, talented, and thoughtful people in the world. We also want to live and breathe our mission of empowering people's daily lives and saving the world's coral reefs. That's why we're in LA. (It's also where our founders are from).


Integrated in Taiwan, where design means manufacturing.

Our core engineering and product design team resides in Taipei, the home of some of the greatest electrical and mechanical engineers. Almost every great tech product is designed by engineers from Taiwan. Our Coral team here constantly prototypes our crazy ideas, and team up with our brand and design team in the U.S. to create robots with a seamless experience.

Scaling state-of-the-art quality in China.

China has some of the world's greatest factories. They are leaders in optimizing efficiency while delivery high quality tech products. We work with a leading state-of-the-art factory in Shenzhen that has American employment standards, clean room facilities, and over 20 quality control inspection tests.


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