Beautiful Design

Robots designed for us. Made by craftspeople.

Design for how you actually clean.

Most companies build products for what they think you need. We build products for what you actually need. We use the Human Centered Design process and do real 1-on-1 field research with people all over the world and empathetically learn what people need and want. After all that research, we go back to the studio, built prototypes, rapidly test, and rebuild.


High quality parts, rigorously tested.

We don't build robots that only last a few years. People buy products expecting them to last. We make it our top priority to use the best parts available at the best value. We source powerful, hand assembled motors from Japan, batteries that our used in high-end electric vehicles, and hand inspect and polish every robot that leaves our factories.

Easy to use. Absolutely Stunning.

We believe in form following function. Everything on our robot has to be easy to use and easily integrated to everything, thanks to WaveOS. But we are craftspeople and artists too. We idolize timeless car design, daring architecture, and masterfully handcrafted goods. Every robot we make has that same level of attention to detail like that of a katana sword-smith.


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