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Coral One Ultra
The best way to clean your home ever.

Our patented all-in-one design means you're ready for any cleaning situation.
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Built for your
smart home.

WaveOS is a platform for Apps like Coral GPS that helps navigate around your life.


Picks up everything. Tangle-free.

We designed a hybrid "fluffy" brush so that long hair does not get tangled anymore.
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Protects against allergens with BioSafe filters.

Traps 99.7% of all allergens with HEPA+ technology.
Health benefits

It's time we changed how we clean.

Did you know that vacuuming technology hasn't changed since 1901? It's already 2019, and we think it's time someone made a big change.

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Accessories made for
good clean fun.

We're introducing the Coral Compass & Beacons, a few smart accessories that play nicely with your robot.
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