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The Original Coral One

The world's first 2-in-1 Handheld & Vacuum Robot


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An Enhanced Cleaning System

We re-engineered motors and brush to build a  custom hardware platform for robots.

Smarter, Better Accessories

Spot clean under sofas with the Coral Compass Compass. Drive your robot around your living room.

A New Operating System

Wave OS is our new operating system that connects to your phone and other smarthome devices.

Why go Robo?

Reduce Cleaning Cycles

Program daily cleaning cycles for your Coral One with the dock and you'll immediately reduce the need for deep cleaning for your floors. Save money and time on monthly visits from cleaning specialists.

Multi-Surface Drive

Our custom designed wheels and suspension make the Coral One a driving champ on all surfaces.

HEPA Filters, Allergen Free

Capture allergens and dirt as small as 3 microns (a strand of hair is 50 microns). Breath easier, while you carry on with life at home.

Don't Want to Wait?

The Coral One


The Coral One
The Coral One The Coral One The Coral One The Coral One The Coral One The Coral One The Coral One The Coral One The Coral One The Coral One The Coral One

2-in-1 vacuum robot and cyclonic handheld. Long-lasting, powerful vacuum robot for everyday cleaning. Ergonomic detachable handheld with cyclonic suction for spot cleaning. Together they tackle life’s day-to-day messes.

  • Benefits
  • Features
  • Why Coral?
    • Versatile cleaning for every situation: Traditional vacuum robots only take care of your floor. The 2-in-1 handheld lets you easily clean between couch cushions, in car seats, and in hard-to-reach corners. 

    • Powerful Suction & Motorized Cleaning Brushes: Industry-leading 2.7kPa of suction power works with motorized brushes to get between carpet pile, pick up hair, and scoop up Cheerios.

    • Breath Easier, Remove Allergens: HEPA Filtration captures allergens and dirt to remove particles as small as 3 microns
    • Long-lasting battery: Up to 90 minutes of run time while in robot mode / 70 minutes in handheld mode. Even when the robot is low on power, there is an additional 20 minutes of handheld suction.

    • Privacy Navigation: Maps your home’s layout without ever uploading the sensitive information to the cloud, allowing you to have peace of mind and a cleaner home.

    • Automatic Charging: After cleaning, your robot automatically searches for its dock and recharges.
    • Robots Don't Climb Stairs: Vacuum robots are great for single-level cleaning because they don’t climb stairs. Don’t worry we wish we were living in the year 3000 where vacuum robots might be climbing stairs, too.

    • Missed a Spot?: Other vacuum robots don’t get to every nook & cranny. Spot cleaning with a vacuum robot can be frustrating since you don’t have full manual control.

    • Cleaning Everything Else: We don’t just clean our floors. Our homes of filled with things to be cleaned: kitchen counters, tables, couches, cars, etc. Vacuum robots can’t get to all of them.


"I can't imagine going back to my manual vacuum now. I definitely recommend!"

– Ashleigh K.

"You’ll never realize how dirty your clean floors are until you get the Coral One."

– James C.

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The ultimate cleaning machine. The World's first 2-in-1 smart robot vacuum and handheld.

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