People First Pricing

Robots are for everyone.

Products at every price.

We believe in a robot world today. Robots help with daily tasks easily. However, if robots are too expensive and not affordable, they won't have the opportunity to help with your life. That's why we offer products at every price point packed with functionality.

Tremendous value delivered to you.

Products at Coral are always built with the best fitted parts, no matter the price point. We don't do the "cheaper quality" for lower priced products. Instead, we believe in more features at a higher price. Quality is not a differentiating factor.


Flexible pricing for your financial needs.

We work with you to find the best payment method for any of our products. On our own platform, we use Shopify and Paypal to process all your payments so that they are secure and encrypted. We sell our products at your favorite tech retailers, including Best Buy, Target, Walmart, and more so you can get them locally and use your favorite coupons/gift cards. We will also offer other financing options with easy monthly payments such as Affirm.



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