This is what makes us different. Take a closer look at the Coral One Ultra & Lite.

Design: Form Meets Function

Beautiful industrial design only works, if it works. We spent sleepless nights perfecting a functional design that complements your home interior.

Size Does Matter

The Coral One Ultra & Lite to has a super slim profile (3.7 inches) so that it can easily maneuver under furniture.

Maintenance Should Be Intuitive.

Cleaning experts say: you need to regularly maintain your vacuum. The Coral One Ultra & Lite features a transparent, universal dustbin so you know when to maintain your robot.

Circles Don't Fit in Squares.

Every single home has corners. That's why we designed the Coral One Ultra & Lite to have right angles, designed to fit in all the nooks & crannies.

Arc Reactor Handheld

No robot is complete without the brains and the brawn.

The Whole is Greater than the Sum of the Parts

Two vacuums isn't better than one. Our patented design means you can save storage space without compromising on cleaning performance.

Robot Vacuums Compromise on Suction.

This means you won't actually get a deep enough clean. Coral's battery & motor technology let you get within carpet pile and small crevices for a deeper clean.

Why is Battery Life Compromised?

Most robot vacuums compromise on battery life for its compact form factor. The Coral One Ultra & Lite feature a power lithium-ion battery that can give you more than 2 hours of runtime.

BioSafe, Allergy-Free Cleaning

Traps 99.7% of all allergens with HEPA+ technology.

Hairs Don’t Have to Get Tangled.

Tangled Hair is one of the biggest issues that we've found with robotic vacuum cleaners. You might spend more time cleaning the brush that vacuuming. That's why we designed a tangle-free brush.

Normal Brushes Don’t Get the Details.

Microfibers are flexbile. That means they fit between all the carpet pile and floor cracks. They cover the entire surface area to ensure the best clean.

Not all Filters are Created Equal.

Most budget robot vacuums don't actually have allergen cleaning, so it's important to make sure that your filters are HEPA rated. The Coral One Ultra & Lite features HEPA+ (pm 2.5) filtering, which eliminates up to 99.7% of all allergens.

Wave OS & Smarthome Integrations

A new operating system designed to work with both hardware and software.

Personalization Should Look Different.

Our App is designed differently than others. That's because we were dedicated to spending the time to design features specific to you.

Other Apps are Remotes. Ours is a Platform.

We believe that vacuum robots are the beginning of an entire new ecosystem of apps. We're brainstorming new games, features, and apps for your robot for the future.

Smarthome Integrations

We'll continue to release updates to have your robot integrate with various smarthome platforms.

Coral GPS: Computer Vision Navigation

Computer Vision, Efficient Cleaning. Brand New with the Coral One Ultra

It’s All About Privacy.

We don't take HD videos. We don't save videos on the cloud. All of our data stays on your robot, and doesn't get analyzed by our servers.

Cameras vs. Lasers?

Both are effective ways for efficient cleaning navigation. We believe that cameras give the most flexibility for newer features and apps in the future.

Smart Sensors for both Ultra & Lite

Both robots feature over 15+ sensors that paint a fuller picture for smart sensing. They include wall-follow sensors, floor color sensors, 6-axis accelerometers, and more.