It Gets What You Can’t

Driven by a world-class Japanese motor, the Coral One’s immense suction pressure takes care of dirt, dust, pet hair, and particles on any surface.

Multi-Surface Cleaning

Easy Peasy

Hardwood floors aren't a problem at all. Any simple robot vacuum can clean dust and hairs off of hard floors.

Lemon Squeezy

Cleaning carpets tend to be a little bit more difficult. They rely on a combination fo brushes and suction power. Low-pile carpets aren't an issue for the Coral One.

The Real Deal

How do you tell a vacuum robot is the real deal? Hile-Pile Rugs are the ultimate test. The dual-material brush lets the Coral One peel back carpet pile and get small particles with the high suction power.

Longer Battery Life

Cover more floor in one go with the vacuum robot’s 90 minute battery and handheld’s 70 minute solo run time.