Thoughtful Design

Engineered for a Superior Clean

From the ergonomic handle to the quick-release dustbin, the Coral One is built differently because it’s built for the way you actually clean.

Ergonomic Handle

Sturdy build lets you easily pick up the robot and take it where it’s needed. It's also designed to minimize wrist strain and be comfortable during longer handheld cleaning sessions.


Keeping You In The Know

A combination of upbeat audio and LED light cues keep you updated on Coral One’s cleaning progress or when it could use your help.

Quick Release Dustbin

Dispose of all your captured dirt with the push of a button and walk away with clean hands.

Built-In Spotlight

Now dirt can’t hide in dark corners, crevices, car seats or couch cushions.

Unibody Design

The Coral One’s single, tough outer shell is made from strong ABS plastic that’s less likely to break, crack or scratch on impact.