The Coral One vacuum robot
Smart Navigation

The Smartest Vacuum Robot Around

The Coral One utilizes an unprecedented combination of innovative smart sensors to ensure it avoids obstacles with ease and tackles tough terrain effortlessly.

Privacy Navigation

Maps your home’s layout without ever uploading the sensitive information to the cloud, allowing you to have peace of mind and a cleaner home.

Every Sensor for Any Room

While other vacuum robots rely on one or two sensors, the Coral One packs the power of most of the industry's top performers to more easily navigate your rooms in any light.

Used to sense objects at close range, infrared beams prevent the Coral One from bumping into your walls, protecting baseboards from scuffs and scrapes.

In the event of a brief collision, the Coral One knows to reverse itself or wiggle itself out and simply continues cleaning.

Creates a clean perimeter while keeping a precise distance to minimize scuffing and allowing the long brush to really get in-the-seam debris.

Ensures the robot won’t fall down stairs or elevated surfaces. Even works on dark colored carpets and floors where other robots cannot.

Self Docking

Coral One finds its way back to the charging dock when low on battery, or when it’s manually told to do so.