The Coral One vacuum robot
Cleaning Power

It Gets What You Can’t

Driven by a world-class Japanese motor, the Coral One’s immense suction pressure takes care of dirt, dust, pet hair, and particles on any surface.

Robotic Suction + Handheld Cyclonic Technology

2.7kPa of robotic suction power vacuums up 95-100% of fine dust and larger particles.

4kPa of cyclonic suction in the handheld picks up large particles and fine dusts alike.


Multi-Surface Cleaning

The Coral One’s rugged wheels easily climbs up onto high-pile rugs, carpets, and floor transitions up to 1.5 inches.

Longer Battery Life

Cover more floor in one go with the vacuum robot’s 90 minute battery and handheld’s 70 minute solo run time.

Coral One battery life

Made for Corners

Unique square shape easily gets into corners that round vacuum robots miss. This exclusive shape also allows for a larger suction mouth to rid your home of even more dirt and debris.

Clear The Air

HEPA Filter removes irritating allergens like pollen and dust mite matter from the air as you clean.

Built To Last

A powerful clean starts with a powerful motor. The Coral One provides 22 days of continuous run time so you can say goodbye to constant replacements.

Bigger Dustbin

450mL dust chamber holds more dust and dirt so you can go longer in between cleaning cycles.

Larger Brushes Get More

Coral One’s roller brush is 4cm longer than other robot vacuums to pick up more of what’s on the floor. It’s also easy to detach and clean should hair get tangled.