Coral One vacuum robot top-down

Two Cleaning Forces Combine

One gets what you’d rather not. The other gets almost everything else. Together, they make getting an all-over clean less of a chore.

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2 in 1

Tackle Everyday Dirt and Messes as They Happen

The Coral One combines game-changing dual functionality with world-class construction and smarts to give you one incredibly easy-to-use cleaning machine.

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Cleaning Power

It Gets What You Can’t

Driven by a world-class Japanese motor, Coral One’s immense suction pressure takes care of dirt, dust, pet hair, and particles on any surface.

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Smart Navigation

The Smartest Vacuum Robot Around

Coral One utilizes an unprecedented combination of innovative smart sensors to ensure it avoids obstacles with ease, tackles tough terrain effortlessly, and covers more floor in one go.

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Thoughtful Design

Engineered for a Superior Clean

From the ergonomic handle to the quick-released dustbin, Coral One is built differently because it’s built for the way you actually clean.

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The Coral One