Getting Started with the Coral One

Here’s everything you need to know to get started with your new vacuum robot and handheld.

For all the details, download the user manual here.

What’s in the Box

What comes in your Coral One box

Let’s Get Started

The first step: Establish a home base for the Coral One.

Attach the Side Brush

The side brush picks up dirt from edges and corners, so make sure it’s in place before you get going.

Charge the Coral One

Get a full charge of the Coral One at the home base.

Understanding the Controls

Learn about the controls on the vacuum robot, including cleaning modes and language selection.

Emptying the Robot Dustbin

For best results, ditch the dirt in the Coral One robot after each cleaning session.

It’s Handheld Time

Switch from robot to the handheld mode at any time for detailed cleaning.

Emptying the Handheld Dustbin

Easy steps to clear out the handheld dustbin so you can keep cleaning.

Additional Help and Resources

To learn more about your Coral One, download the user manual.

Download User Manual

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