The #Adulting Tax

The #adulting Tax 🙈

No one tells you about the HIDDEN FEES that come with growing up.

People say that growing up is about learning more about oneself. The journey of self-discovery is about fiding your passion, knowing who you love, and being the best person you can be. But sometimes that can be a little bit difficult when reality sets in.

The reality is that there are a bunch of hidden costs that no one tells you about. Here are a few things that we’ve learned.

tl;dr It’s Expensive to Grow Up

Transporation: $$

Ubers, gas, car payments, insurance, subway passes…the list goes on! It seems unfair that it costs so much to go from point A to point B, but they are real costs to being an adult.

A few money-saving services that we love:
Lyft, Costco Credit Cards (for gas), Fair (car leasing), and good ole fashioned carpooling.

Subscription Fees: $$$

Music, Movies, TV Shows, Fashion Boxes, cloud storage, Amazon Prime. You’re probably paying hundreds of dollars in subscriptions without knowing it. Andometimes it’s just easier to do nothing than to cancel them.

Out money-saving tip:

Share, share, share! Most of these accounts have multiple users. Find family or trustworthy friends to split the cost of owning these subscriptions.

Cleaning: $$$$

Yes, cleaning costs a lot of money! You might spend hundreds of dollars a month on cleaning services. But you also need to buy the cleanering equipment: soaps, detergents, brushes, brooms, and vacuum cleaners!

Our favorite cost-friendly cleaning supplies:
Baking Soda, Vinegar, Re-usable Lint Rollers

#Adulting comes with a Tax Return, too.

We can’t promise you that we'll get rid of all of the hidden fees, but investing in the right tools will earn you money back.