Why We Are Called Coral

Why We Are Called Coral


When you think of robots, you don’t think of Coral. The two are totally unrelated, right? One thing is made out of metal, electricity and lines of code. The other is an organic animal that grows over time in the ocean. So why did we decide to call our robotics company Coral?

Coral is a living ecosystem. It’s a group of animals that assemble together to create a complex structure. These rainbow-colored buildings serve as homes to 100,000 different species of sea creatures. Clownfish, crabs, sea urchin, seahorses and many more rely on coral to protect them from predators and to provide shelter.

However, for coral to survive they need to be in environments that have nutrient-rich water. Sea animals provide the water with minerals and food as they inhabit inside coral (think fertilizer) and thus coral can continue to protect the adorable, and the scary.

Sea turtles, manatees, and lobsters have a symbiotic relationship with coral. They work together to not only ensure survival, but also to thrive. This harmony, this strong network, this ecosystem is the foundation of sea life.

When building a robotics company, it’s important to remember why we are building them. We’re building robots for people. We’re not here to build tech for the sake of tech. We’re here to build robots that help people achieve more. We believe that by building purpose-driven robots, we can be the foundation of people-robot symbiosis that grows to build a better future.

That’s why we are Coral, and we’re here to empower people to do more.

The Coral Reef, a mural by Aileen Gozali.