5 Principles of Good Robotics Design

Design principles are crafted after doing research, testing prototypes, and sitting down with customers. Over the past year, we've been crafting these 5 Design Principles that inform how we build robots. Please feel free to comment, share, or even add your own!

People First

If form follows function, then for us, function follows focus. Our focus is people. We aim to complement and empower people in their everyday lives.

Purpose Driven Utility

We are robot specialists that know what to deliver on. A task robot is not a jack of all trades. We create value through specificity of purpose.

Elevated Accessibility

We get the best tech into as many people’s homes as possible. Our products elevate the baseline by making great design accessible.

Empowering Experiences

We create robots that empower people’s motivations and fit into their everyday lives. We build tech that is experiential.

Future Now

Innovation is not about what robots can do in the future, but what you can do now. Tomorrow will be shaped by what we do today.