Why isn’t the Coral One round?

Why do all vaccum robots look the same?

We’ve gotten used to vacuum robots that look like hockey pucks. Fun fact: Back when vacuum robots were first introduced in 2001, they weren’t all that smart. If a robot got stuck in a corner, it could simply just turn in place to escape without having to use any computing power. Since then, the design hasn’t really been updated.

Oh cool, well…being round isn’t terrible right?
It kind of is though. Most rooms are literal rectangles. If I learned anything from pre-school, it’s that you can’t fit a round peg in a square hole. Also, apparently you can’t grow up to be a Triceratops.

Because of the Coral One’s shape, it can corners with ease.

How is Coral Different?
The Coral One is shaped to hug your walls, corner-to-corner. Dirt doesn’t stand chance. Learn More about the Coral One Here.


Artwork by Aileen Gozali.