Part 3: A Clean Lifestyle Goes Beyond our Floors

Bugs Lay Eggs in your Carpet. That's some scary s***.


Cleaning isn't about just getting dust off of your floors. It's about taking care of the other aspects of your life. A bug infestation temporarily displaces homes, incurs extra fees, and can even cause medical condition - and it all starts from a few food crumbs left on the floor.

Cleaning goes beyond the 2D World


At Coral, we're focused on designing robotic technology that goes beyond 2D world. Floors are our two-dimensional space, but we're developing sensors and technologies that think about the third & fourth dimensions: time and space.

What it means to be "Coral Clean"

Cleaning your home is nice, but we have a term that we believe describes a new kind of lifestyle. Being "Coral Clean" means that you're able to focus on the things that really matter in life, without feeling burdened from the unnecessary things of life. Using Coral products means that you can live life free of dust & allergens, but it also means you can focus on health & wellness and investing in personal time.

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